When the traditional paths of healing lead to a dead end
When talking doesn’t give the relieve your body seeks
I welcome you to discover what lays beyond

~ Lisa

There is more to life than just staying alive

And I am here to guide you back to feeling that aliveness

Have you ever visited the physiotherapist, and after many sessions, doing exercises and releasing and strengthening every muscle: your pain is still there? Or the sessions with your psychologist are finished, your mind understands what is going on, but you still feel bad?

I believe there is more to our bodies than just mechanics, and there is more to our thoughts than our rational mind might have us believe. I offer a place where you can learn to manage your problems, by integrating both mind and body, instead of treating these as separate parts. This can be a tricky path, as there is no clear cut one size fits all solution.

It is my goal to help you in that process, to stand next to you, offer support, and teach you how to take the necessary steps for healing yourself. We together, translate the language of your body and the patterns of your mind, so you can hear them clear and sound, guiding you to a version of yourself feeling alive and anchored in your body.

1:1 Offerings


Do you have bodily, mental or emotional discomforts but do not know what they are signalling to you? Do you want to increase your awareness around important events, topics or relationships in your life? So you can see clearly what is going on and take the necessary steps for healing.

This session helps you to anchor back into your body and hear what it is saying to you. It helps stuck energy flow again and increases awareness around the topic of treatment. It will support and help you getting clarity, and always gives exactly that what you need in this moment.

Yoga therapy

Do you have mental, emotional or physical problems which you want to resolve by using your own body and breath movements? So you can become strong and healthy, feeling good in your own skin.

Manage your problems with yogic techniques by learning your own personally tailored yoga sequence, so you can continue working on your goals and problems in your self-practise long after this container is closed.

1 : 1 Trajectory

Are your ready for the deep-dive? Do you want to commit to yourself and solving your problems, so you can create the life you dream of? Are you ready to open all hidden cabinets of you mind, emotions and body?

Problems often need sustained care over a longer period of time and do not have a quick-fix or magical solution. This container offers the space to dive deep into your help request and go to the root cause of your problem.

What they said

Healing session

It was a very soft and beautiful experience. You don’t have to do anything: you lay down, experience and feel. From the head into your body. That happens automatically under the amazing hands of Lisa. I could feel the energy flowing and the beautiful thing is that it keeps working, for days. My hands/fingers have been hurting for years and every time after a treatment there is a significant difference. At some point the pain even completely disappeared. I definitely recommend to do this more often.

~ H

Yoga Therapy

During the two week (2x 6 days) course Lisa taught yoga in a very professional, motivating and fun way while keeping my personal goals in mind. Lisa is very helpful and never shy to answer your questions or explain the poses in detail. She adjusts to your level and is very patient. Her very calm appearance makes every lesson a really nice experience overall. I definitely intend to take more lessons from Lisa in the future!

~ E

1 : 1 Trajectory

Lisa, thank you for standing next to me while helping me explore deeper layers of myself. In the beginning I was a bit skeptical and not sure what to expect but during our sessions I became more comfortable and skilled in listening to my body and feelings. You helped me get to know myself better and identify and break through old emotions and patterns that kept on holding me back. Now I feel lighter, clearer, energised and more confident about the future.

~ R

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